The place for new entrepreneurs in bio science technolgy

BioPartner Center Leiden, is a foundation that offers starting entrepreneurs in the bio-technology industry a workplace with a lot of facilities. The Center currently occupies 10.000 m2 and houses around 50 businesses.

Renting a work place at the BioPartner Center Leiden has many benefits:

• Everything under a single roof: both office and lab space.

• Extensive range of services available: reception, Internet
  and telephone connections, cold storage facilities and cleaning services.

• Flexible leases for one or more spaces.

• Networking with colleague entrepreneurs.

The BioPartner Accelerator, is now completed and provide more entrepreneurs with a place in the BioScience Park.

Planning to start up a business?

Interested in discussing the possibilities without any advance commitment required?

Get in touch with Thijs de Kleer of BioPartner Center Leiden

BioPartner Center Leiden offices are currently established in the annex of the Sylvius laboratory, Galileiweg 8, J.H. Oortweg 19 and 21 and at the  Niels Bohrweg 11-13, these buildings are all four in the BioScience Park in Leiden.

Expat Centre Leiden

The Expat Centre Leiden provides a warm welcome to expats living and working in the region by facilitating their ‘settling in proces’. The Expat Centre Leiden is not only set up to assist you with the necessary formalities, but also to make you feel at home as soon as possible in this region that has so much to offer.

At the Expat Centre’s office, which is located in the Visitor Centre Leiden, the dedicated expat officer will answer questions and offer advice on a wide range of topics. Such as information on immigration formalities, living in the region (taxes, insurances, working, finding a house and schools), social life and information about Leiden as a region.

Visitor Centre Leiden
Stationsweg 41
2312 AT Leiden

T 071 516 6005
E welcome@expatcentreleiden.nl

BioPartner Center Leiden   J.H. Oortweg 21   2333 CH  Leiden   T: 071 3322000   @:info@biopartnerleiden.nl